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fash-the-nation's podcast

Dec 9, 2017

Your most trusted voice in Alt-Right politics and analysis celebrates its centennial episode with Paul Nehlen, the most high-caliber contender for public office in the 2018 cycle. Incumbent soy boy Paul Ryan and his diminutive band of effeminate bugmen are on round-the-clock suicide watch while the snow blanketing the east coast has become the icing on the cake for one of the most tear-jerking weeks on record for the rootless cosmopolitan establishment. From SCOTUS' affirmation of the Muslim ban, to Roy Moore's mounting triumph over a Paul Singer-controlled GOPe, as the odds of impeachment fade, a giant mushroom cloud of MeToosim, public mistrust, and narrative collapse has formed over Washington. All this and more is ahead on an exciting 3 hour episode of Fash the Nation.

00:00:00 Intro
00:04:00 A White Pilled Christmas
00:17:00 SCOTUS Affirms Muslim Ban
00:23:00 Smashing the Pinata
00:40:00 Moore Winning
00:56:00 Paul Nehlen
01:46:00 The Europa Report
01:56:00 Gorsuch Rattles the Left
02:03:00 Franken's Amoral High Ground
02:28:00 Media Narrative Collapse
02:31:00 FBI Contempt
02:42:00 Stand With Puerto Rico
02:47:00 Word-of-the-Day
02:52:00 Outro: WHT - Borders Closed